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The Suited Law Assessment helps our clients’ recruiters and hiring managers make more accurate and less biased hiring decisions. Through the use of our industrial-organizational psychology based assessments, we are able to provide new and different data to our clients to leverage in the hiring process. This enables them to expand their consideration of individual candidates beyond traditional hiring metrics such as the rank of their law school and GPA, as well as the more subjective views of individual interviewers. The assessment data is used to determine how likely a candidate is to succeed at a particular firm based on customized scoring models built specific to each firm. Importantly, the Suited Assessment provides additional data to be used in combination with other data evaluated in a firm’s recruiting process, and is not a single determinative factor.

About us

Your Candidate Profile

The Suited profile consists of three parts: the Behavioral Assessment, the Cognitive Skills Assessment, and your basic information (academic and demographic background).

How we use your information

Academic, demographic, and location preference information

What happens next

Behavioral Assessment

Suited gathers key data from candidates using a proprietary psychometric assessment that was developed and validated by our internal team of Industrial and Organizational Psychology professionals specifically for the legal industry. We use machine learning technology to interpret this data and compare candidates to high performing individuals at our partner firms.

What's measured

How to prepare for and respond to the behavioral assessment

Cognitive Skills Assessment

Through our research, we determined that there are three basic skills that enable someone to be successful in an Associate position: attention to detail, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. This is a timed portion of the assessment. It includes untimed instruction pages with sample questions before each section. If you require a reasonable accommodation, do not begin this portion of the assessment. Visit this page for instructions on how to contact our team to enable the accommodation. No machine learning or other artificial intelligence is used to interpret the results of the Cognitive Skills Assessment. Candidates are simply scored on their responses to the assessment, and the results are provided to our clients for their consideration in their recruiting processes.